CRM and Revenue Growth

Welcome to Marsables - Your premier destination for Revenue Growth strategies and CRM solutions. We specialize in developing customized sales processes and growth strategies to accelerate your revenue growth, enhance customer relationships, and drive business success. Our team of growth experts help you efficiently manage leads, track interactions, and optimize revenue-generating activities.

CRM Consulting

It is imperative for your business to choose the right tool for each job.

Using a hammer to cut a log is never going to get you the right results.

Our expertise in CRM tools allows us to study your business model, goals and objectives and suggest the best CRM based on your needs.

With customizable solutions tailored to your unique needs, we are dedicated to helping you achieve sustainable revenue growth and deliver exceptional customer experiences. Join us and unlock the full potential of your revenue growth efforts today.

CRM Implementation & Adoption

Does your leadership team have full transparency and control on the sales structure? Making CRM successful in your sales environment can seem like a challenge at times.

We take this burden off from you and ensure that the right CRM is smoothly implemented and adopted within the system.

Sales Consulting

Stiff competition and market conditions have made it increasingly difficult to get the ideal client and deals.

Our sales experts study and analyze your sales structure and suggest key updates to allow your teams to sell more and get 3x revenue.

Sales Strategies and Processes

Tired of getting low value deals with no repeat business and ARR?

It is definitely time for you to review your Sales Strategies and approach towards the ever changing market conditions.

Our team analyses your strategies and helps fill your sales funnel with relevant leads.

Lead Generation

Struggling to find the right talent for lead generation and cold calling?

Hiring full time sales executives posing a challenge to your business continuity?

Leverage our team of 250+ lead generation and business development executives to generate high value meetings with the right prospects for your business.

Sales Training and Support

Take advantage of proven strategies and 20+ years of experience in Business Development and Sales, to develop and execute:

  • Perfect Sales Pitch
  • E-Mail Marketing Methods

Account Planning Up-sell and Cross-sell

80% of your revenue comes from 20% of your top clients. That’s what Forbes confirms too.

It is imperative that you treat these top accounts with more focus than the others.

Leverage our expertise to get continued business and secure these big clients.

White Spacing

DO NOT leave money on the table. Identify lucrative opportunities and sell more within your key accounts.

Your first sale is just a foot in the door.

Our state-of-art whitespacing abilities helps your team focus on hidden opportunities to grow business from key accounts